Toothbrush Holder With UV Sterilizer

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Toothbrush Holder With UV Sterilizer Accessories Best Sellers Gadgets Health & Beauty Kids & Babies
Toothbrush Holder With UV Sterilizer Accessories Best Sellers Gadgets Health & Beauty Kids & Babies
Toothbrush Holder With UV Sterilizer Accessories Best Sellers Gadgets Health & Beauty Kids & Babies
Toothbrush Holder With UV Sterilizer Accessories Best Sellers Gadgets Health & Beauty Kids & Babies
Toothbrush Holder With UV Sterilizer Accessories Best Sellers Gadgets Health & Beauty Kids & Babies

Toothbrush Holder With UV Sterilizer

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Your deepest clean ever

We’re always told to brush our teeth twice daily to keep our mouth fresh and clean. From fresher breath to less plaque and tartar, dental health is serious work. It’s all about getting clean — but how clean is your toothbrush? Introducing our Toothbrush Holder With UV Sterilizer, a new way to keep your toothbrush stored, out of sight, and free of bacteria — for a deeper clean.

No tools or drill required

Just four minutes for virtually zero germs
With the power of UV sterilization, our holder kills up to 99.9% of bacteria that can linger on toothbrushes after use. How does it work? UV light produces ozone, which is a bactericidal gas. That means less contamination going into your mouth — for a clean brushing experience, everytime.

Our toothbrush holder holds up to five toothbrushes at once, all for UV sterilization. It made of plastic and measures 8.1 x 5 inches. Never worry about bathroom sink clutter or possible airborne contamination again with our shut-close UV chamber that keeps your brushes clean and virtually germ-free.

Fuss-free toothpaste

Clutter be gone with our built-in toothpaste chamber (just insert your toothpaste in). An interior vacuum pump dispenses product onto your brush when you press against a lever. No drips or sticky mess.

Toothbrush Holder With UV Sterilizer

Customer Reviews

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41 customer reviews
  • Lawrence Riley
    5 Dec 2021
    I really like this so far. Do I think I needed it- no. But it brings me peace of mind to know my tooth brush is clean. I does what it says it is going to do. The plug thing confuses me because it can run without being plugged In. With that said the reason for four stars is because that light for the timer is sooo bright. I like total darkness when I'm sleeping and it beams from under my closed bathroom door. Other than that it’s holding up well on the wall(I’ve had it for about a month.) will update if it falls off.
  • Mark Carlson
    30 Nov 2021
    Thank you very much! Fully complies with the description. Came without a box, but in a powerful package. Everything works. As in reviews-after the work of the ultraviolet there is a characteristic smell. Plastic to the touch pleasant. Perfect holder for 5 brushes and pulling paste. It's true, it's necessary to set up the tube. Very nice looks in the bathroom. Wire with European plug-short-90 cm. I definitely recommend the store and the goods
  • Johnny Hart
    29 Nov 2021
    Easy to put up. Fits 4 tootbrushes. Small, compact, doesn't take up much space. Wall plug in but did not come with power block, just usb cord. UV light is excellent for killing germs, mold, and bacteria. I love that it holds toothbrushes while not in use and has a cover. My kids loved watching the light and countdown as it sanitized great product!
  • Margaret Meyer
    25 Nov 2021
    This was a nice upgrade to my bathroom. I love the clean look and simplicity of use. I've only had it installed for a few days, but I followed the manufacturers clear instructions and attached only the mount for 24 hrs before putting the machine on. It seems like it's holding well. They send an extra adhesive strip in case, but you can always get some heavy duty 3M branded tape for extra stickiness. My only concern is that I can still see the blue light when the cover is closed. I'm afraid of uv exposure, so I just make sure everyone leaves the bathroom while it's disinfecting.
  • Robert Hicks
    24 Nov 2021
    I’ve always wanted a toothbrush sanitizer but this pandemic time made me get one faster as I look for ways to make my home cleaner. This product is well made and sturdy and easy to set up and begin using out of the box. It cleans 4 Brushes at a time and automatically starts cleaning just by closing the cover after you place your toothbrush inside! I love the feeling of security that my toothbrush is clean and sanitized. Great product and strong construction.
  • Sharon Gonzales
    23 Nov 2021
    This toothbrush holder is simply beautiful! Very happy with buying! We actually used screws to attach it to the wall. I really like the functionality of this UV toothbrush holder. Glad I ordered it.
  • Sean Vasquez
    22 Nov 2021
    Super! So quickly delivered, Toothbrush Holder was packed well!!!))) Thank you so much!!!!
  • Anna Castro
    22 Nov 2021
    superrr.i love the product. the light works great. didn t put it on the wall but i will. looks like a quality Toothbrush Holder. i will put toothpaste to see witch fits...
  • Christian Little
    20 Nov 2021
    It is a magnificent device because it helps me keep the whole family's toothbrushes tidy and clean. It is very easy to install on the bathroom wall, it should only be plugged in to start working and disinfect and sterilize up to 4 toothbrushes at the same time using an ultraviolet light
  • Sean Ruiz
    13 Nov 2021
    Product seems to work well. I would love to test the reduction of bacterial matter from having toothbrushes exposed on bathroom counter to using the UV sterilizer, but it definitely feels fresh.
  • Richard Harris
    11 Nov 2021
    It's a rather simple product. It holds your toothbrush. Detects when lids closed, and you manually press the button to disinfect. Battery seems to last about 2 weeks or so. It could use a bigger battery, but for those with a close by plug, this isn't really an issue. Only other thing that would be nice is a sensor to detect when you leave the room so that it can start disinfecting.
  • Kimberly Hicks
    11 Nov 2021
    I bought this mostly for display purposes, cause toothbrush were just lying willy nilly on the bathroom vanity, so the fact that it also sanitizes is just a bonus. it has an easy install with double sided tape, though I contemplated putting it in the shower with some silicone, because we do brush our teeth in the shower sometimes as well. havent given that a shot yet, but will update if I do.
  • Sharon Tucker
    9 Nov 2021
    this product is good. One day I thought it was done (broken) wasn't sterilizing and I was bummed but my 3 yr old decided to tell me she was washing it so it probably had water in it .so couple days later I tried charging it again and it starts to work again I'm very sorry if my last review discourage buyers not to buy but the product Does work and it "broke" because of my child
  • Jesse Rivera
    7 Nov 2021
    Saves alot of counter space Also saves alot of toothpaste. I love it
  • Ryan Hunter
    5 Nov 2021
    Holder arrived within 2 weeks in perfect condition. Great store. Highly recommend!
  • Carolyn Russell
    5 Nov 2021
    Gave em to our adult kids for Christmas and they love it! Easy install, works great, no mess!
  • Melissa Ford
    1 Nov 2021
    Don't know about sanitizing, but the brushes do seem cleaner with this holder. So guess it works.
  • Kelly Franklin
    31 Oct 2021
    I like it very much. After installing it I feel my teeth are safer 🙂
  • John McCoy
    31 Oct 2021
    I love this toothbrush sterilizing kit it looks great and does the job
  • Gregory Cunningham
    30 Oct 2021
    Very smart, my father likes it very much. My father has always favored electronic products. This bathroom product can also put his razor, NICE.
  • Sandra Hamilton
    30 Oct 2021
    nicely made and gives the bathroom a bit of futuristic look
  • Jonathan Bradley
    28 Oct 2021
    was pleasantly surprised with the design
  • Sarah Hart
    25 Oct 2021
    The goods came very well packed, the ultraviolet works.
  • Jason Wade
    13 Sep 2021
    Very nice toothbrush holder and Sanitation. I was told about how bad it is to have your toothbrushes out in the open in the bathroom so I decided to try this, and so far it is awesome! Very easy to use and install.
  • Thomas Wade
    30 Jul 2021
    This is what I have been looking for, charge the battery and put it back on the wall, no cords, very convenient. My family loves it!

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