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The Mod Orthodontic Pacifier

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Finally, here’s a pacifier that soothes babies and parents, too!

Join the community of our happy clients and place your order today!

This Orthodontic Silicone Pacifier is backed by science to actively support your baby’s breathing and oral development.

Join the community of our happy clients and place your order today!

The pacifier’s unique breast-like nipple is shaped to soothe the baby just like the mom. This makes for an easy transition from breast to a pacifier.  Join the community of our happy clients and place your order today!

  • Joyce Silva
    23 Dec 2021

    I’ve tried a bunch of pacifiers with my son and he hated all of them. I wanted to find something because he loves to comfort nurse and I didn’t want to be tied down all of the time for that. I heard about these from a friend and bought one. He loves it!! So I’ve bought two so far!

  • Ruth Weber
    17 Dec 2021

    Everything about this pacifier is awesome! I got this for my baby at 5 months (he’s now 6 months) because he wouldn’t take to any other pacifiers. Now this is the ONLY paci that he will put in his mouth.

  • Jesse Patel
    11 Dec 2021

    I’m new to the pacifier game, but my baby took to this pacifier better than some others. We also get TONS of compliments on how cute it is.

  • Howard McDonald
    7 Dec 2021

    They are cute pacifiers and a type my adorable son likes. One of the other reasons I like them are because he can easily grab a hold of them because of the loop handle – helps him with some of his motor skills…lol

  • Samantha Johnson
    4 Dec 2021

    They’re pretty but heavier than I was expecting. Baby drops it a lot.

  • Steven Kelley
    27 Nov 2021

    We absolutely love the design, color and functionality of this pacifier. My son loves the soft silicone and took to it immediately.

  • Paul Duncan
    24 Nov 2021

    I have finally found the pacifier that my baby accepts and DOES NOT FALL OUT! I have tried so many different types of pacifiers but none of them were a match. I almost gave up but my son kept bringing everything he grabs to his mouth so I tried this paci as a last resort. I was so happy I purchased another one right away!!

  • Phillip Gardner
    21 Nov 2021

    My baby loves this pacifier and the best part is, there is no mouth irritation. 10/10 would recommend.

  • Juan Carlson
    20 Nov 2021

    Baby can’t keep it in his mouth. May have to wait till he is older to use it for teething.

  • Carl Foster
    19 Nov 2021

    My grandson loves these over others. He is teething and these are the only ones that calm him.

  • John Carpenter
    16 Nov 2021

    These pacifiers are very beautiful to look at and have a really luxurious feel. These are also very soft so I feel like I don’t have to worry about teeth issues. They are easy to clean being made of the solid silicone material

  • Howard Burns
    12 Nov 2021

    I can only hope my baby will take pacifiers because after buying this one, I can already say I’m going to be buying more very soon! The colors are perfect and I love how they’re 100% silicone

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