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The 12 things we do to earn your trust!

In 2020, over 1 billion people made an online purchases.  What we know is critical to our success at is you the customer.  We thank you!  I have outlined what we do to continue to earn your trust

  • Making sure you can find the products you are looking for.

2. Shipping is Free and Fast as you would expect.

Except for an incredible deal, sluggish shipment kills deals. Amazon conquered the industry by making 2-day shipping almost free. Walmart is trying hard to catch up. The battle lines are set. Sluggish or pricey shipping can turn a potential customer away.

Online shopping, comparison and shopping from anywhere

3. Optimized for mobile shopping. In terms of web traffic, smartphones overtook PCs in 2015. Mobile traffic continues to dominate online traffic. Most consumers will use their smartphones to compare products this year when shopping in stores. Over 60% of smartphone users have made an online transaction in the last year.

4. Share your customers’ values and passions.

We focus on the products you want and we are passionate about getting them to you at a fantastic price.

5. Finding and contacting help is simple. Creating a great online shopping experience begins with the website’s ease of use, but also how quickly you can get a response if something goes wrong?

6. Order tracking online.

I want to know when my stuff will arrive after I buy. Maybe I’m anxious about the weather, or just bored. Anytime I don’t know when my order will come. Available at your fingertips.7. Acceptance of Returns

8. Recommendations for Returning Customers and Browsers.

9. We reward our most loyal customers with gifts and shopping sprees.

10. Clear and upfront pricing.

The worst thing to a customer is unclear pricing. We will always be upfront.

11. Delivery via Auto

We are working on getting you auto-order.

12. Humanity above Corporate Drones

We know our customers prefer dealing with humans over faceless corporations. We are a family owned and operated business and will always deliver a personal touch.

Thank you for reading.


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