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Randy Davis — 3 hours 17 minutes ago

A unique circle cut-out pattern shines through beautifully when the warmer is on, adding a cozy light. Turn your wax warmer on and turn your office or home into a stress-relieving oasis.

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At night, Wax Warmer emits a warm light and the fragrance to help you fall asleep better and relieves the daytime fatigue. Perfect for use all around the home and garden.

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The smartest way to enhance your home

  • Turn your fragrance warmer on and freshen up your ✅room, ✅home, ✅office, or ✅any of your other frequently visited spots. Manage the strength of your fragrance by adding more or less wax to the wax warmer.

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  • Deborah Welch
    5 Dec 2021

    I like this little warmer. First, I melted a wax cube as a test. It took 30 mins to melt completely, but the scent diffused quickly and lasted several days. Then I tried an 8 oz candle. It took 1 1/2 hrs to see significant wax melt, although the scent started to diffuse within 10 mins. At first I thought the wax plate just wasn’t going to get warmer, or wasn’t powerful enough. I realized that the slower melt time and lower heat is actually best because your wax/scent will last longer, and won’t boil or burn.

  • Jerry Wells
    25 Nov 2021

    I am using this for my 3-wick candles, to enjoy the last bit of fragrance after the wicks are too short to remain lit. It works very well for that. I have not tried the wax warmer dish, but I will say that it gets very, very hot, and I would not recommend it for use around small children

  • Christine Reed
    9 Nov 2021

    This works great and looks beautiful. It blends in with a variety of decors, so much better than those cheap looking plastic warmers all over other websites. This gently warms a Bath and Body Works 3 wick candle and fragrances the entire room. I love it.

  • Brandon Contreras
    8 Nov 2021

    It works, perhaps slightly better than I expected. I was expecting it to be another size.

  • Julia Richardson
    6 Nov 2021

    I LOVE this candle warmer. It looks cute and matches my kitchen/living room decor. I think it should be a little bigger, but I would buy it again.

  • Randy Ramirez
    2 Nov 2021

    This is a great little warmer that does the job really well for wax cubes or candles in glass. Heats up decently fast and you can smell the aroma spreading from your wax within a few minutes. Love it.

  • Phillip Salazar
    1 Nov 2021

    This wax warmer is fantastic. I bought this one because of its look and the fact that it was a hot plate type warmer. Recommend it.

  • Betty Hayes
    29 Oct 2021

    I LOVE this wax warmer. It is cute, simple, and easy to use/clean.

  • Ashley Wheeler
    26 Oct 2021

    Great product. Would highly recommend it.

  • Patrick Montgomery
    24 Oct 2021

    Got here on time. It looks great.

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