When it’s family time, it’s also dog time. Premium car seat cover for dog.  

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Dog Car Seat Cover Best Sellers Driving Comfort Pets Supplies Travel & Roadway Products
Dog Car Seat Cover Best Sellers Driving Comfort Pets Supplies Travel & Roadway Products
Dog Car Seat Cover Best Sellers Driving Comfort Pets Supplies Travel & Roadway Products
Dog Car Seat Cover Best Sellers Driving Comfort Pets Supplies Travel & Roadway Products

Dog Car Seat Cover

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Comfort + protection comes hand in hand for your pooch

When it’s family time, it’s also dog time. If you have a dog (or multiple dogs), you’re probably all too familiar with bringing your beloved friends along for the ride in the car. But as much fun it is to bring your dogs along for beach trips, hikes, or road trips, the cleanup absolutely sucks, especially if you don’t have the right protection for your seats

A cushy fit for a king (or queen)

A built-in mesh partition is designed to cover the space between your vehicle’s front seats. This gives your dog a sense of inclusion and close proximity to you, despite being physically apart in the backseat. This thoughtful design can decrease anxiety and fear in your pet in the car.

Charge with a USB cord.

Our seat cover is designed with care, for multiple layers of love. Built with a waterproof coating, 600D polyester Oxford fabric, thermoplastic polyurethane, soft cotton, and a non-slip net, your pooch can lounge in supreme comfort, whether it’s hours on the road or just a couple of minutes. The hammock-like design features quilt-stitch detail and is super breathable, making it great for any type of weather.

✅Snap + anchor

✅Extra storage for extra convenience

✅Easy to remove,clean, and store

Customer Reviews

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37 customer reviews
  • Bruce Bishop
    3 Dec 2021
    I was searching for a product like that. I made an experiment in which I poured a glass of water on the cover. The back seat stays dry. So now I can bring my Rexie to the lake with me!
  • Randy Mason
    2 Dec 2021
    Everything is super, even my dog seems to be happy with her own seat cover!
  • Adam Thomas
    2 Dec 2021
    The quality is very good, it has zippers on both sides, so super easy to cover the back seat. Also came with a seatbelt for the pup. The picture is in a jeep grand Cherokee
  • Michael Duncan
    2 Dec 2021
    Order received in 2 days, this is a record! The quality is decent. I poured some water to check, but it didn't leak.
  • Raymond Campbell
    2 Dec 2021
    Fits the crossover back seat like a glove! Also seems to be comfy for paws, Lyonel has no complaints.
  • Hannah Edwards
    2 Dec 2021
    The item is of very good quality! The fabric is tight, stitched well, the fittings are normal. The dog ran and lie down on it immediately after the setup, so it's good.
  • Martha Valdez
    1 Dec 2021
    Very high quality thing!!!! Heavy enough. This means that the material is dense! All seams are excellent! Hope to use it for a long time.
  • Janice Elliott
    23 Sep 2021
    First, it was wide enough for the rear bench seat which is an accomplishment that several others, some even more expensive, didn't accomplish even though they said their seat cover was a good fit for my Ford F-150. This cover is not perfect, but it's pretty good. there is nothing provided to tie around the middle headrest so you have to cinch the straps on the left and right headrests to prevent it from sagging in the middle.
  • Pamela Gutierrez
    23 Sep 2021
    Good quality large hammock
  • Jose Douglas
    21 Sep 2021
    Fast Delivery, excellent quality. Nice addition for weekend trips.
  • Jesse Lane
    19 Sep 2021
    It fits perfectly into my car, seems to be waterproof. So all is fine.
  • Christian Hayes
    15 Sep 2021
    Very high-quality seams. Nothing sticks out, there is no smell. Very cool thing for those who have a dog shades all year round!
  • Ronald Lucas
    12 Sep 2021
    Looks good, feels good, didn't alert the dog. Overall nice useful thing.
  • Rachel Herrera
    6 Sep 2021
    Awesome Thing! Bought in Ford Fusion. Made really great, even for a hyper shepherd 🙂 Thanks!
  • Samantha Miller
    5 Sep 2021
    Thank you so much!!!! Came in time for weekend! Excellent quality!!!
  • Craig Morales
    2 Sep 2021
    Everything is fine, the quality is good, the pockets are in place, convenient, the right thing for dog owners.
  • Jonathan Gardner
    2 Sep 2021
    This dog cover is great! It fits exactly and the clips are really strong. Its adjustable so my dog wouldn't be able to pull it down!. The bottom is made from special rubber so the dog dont slip during driving.
  • Jeremy Beck
    26 Aug 2021
    Sure fast delivery. Looked a bit slippery at first, but then I noticed the rubber lining, very thoughtful.
  • Jeremy Stevens
    26 Aug 2021
    Hello! Surprisingly high quality. No claw marks left after two-days trip.
  • Hannah Carter
    25 Aug 2021
    I am happy with my purchase and definitely recommend this product! Fits backseat nicely, and my dog can't chew off the straps - exrea star for the durability.
  • Denise Gonzales
    23 Aug 2021
    Good for Skoda Octavia. Ordered on Friday evening, delivered over the weekend, very quick. WIsh there were more color options.
  • Anthony Bradley
    17 Aug 2021
    I thought the fabric is thicker. However looks like good quality... need to test with my two dogs first to be sure.
  • Ronald Ray
    10 Aug 2021
    Very good product. Fits the car very well. Really appreciate the adjustable straps.
  • Wayne Garcia
    4 Aug 2021
    Quality product, super easy to install. Also cool to have pockets.
  • Elizabeth Ward
    2 Aug 2021
    The hammock is exactly the same as the pictures. Everything looks good and good. Already tried it out - it has anti-slip lining, so didn't fell of the backseat like my previous blanket. Very happy with the purchase. P.S. car Nissan Note, the size is okay, a bit too large, but it's more a plus than a problem.

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