Best Productivity Tips for Working From Home

If you work from home, you’ve probably struggled with distractions a home office offers. The dog wants out. The laundry needs to be done. Your children/significant other/neighbors don’t quite grasp the concept that working at home is still working and you’re finding your time divided between getting things done and trying to fend off interruptions.

How can you make your home office the most productive space it can be? These useful tips will help you reevaluate your home office! 

Create a dedicated workspace

Rather than cooping yourself up in your room or on the couch — spaces that are associated with leisure time — dedicate a specific room or surface in your home to work.

Bring in some green

Though you probably shouldn’t set up shop in your garden, you can definitely bring some of the outdoors in. A desk or floor plant is a great way to add a breath of fresh air to your workspace and create some visual variety when your eyes need a break from the screen.

Use massage to relieve stiffness

Working from home certainly has its perks but it can also come with a few drawbacks, like poor posture, muscle pain, and increased stress. Fortunately, these are all things that a little massage therapy can successfully address. 

Enhance your atmosphere

Successfully working from home doesn’t just hinge upon balancing your employment priorities, it’s even more important to maintain a self-balance too. Adding atmosphere-enhancing goods to your space can help elevate your mood for a healthier and more productive daily workflow.

Get up and move

 It can be tempting to work for hours at a time without taking a break, especially if you’re comfortable with where you are. But it’s important to establish regular breaks throughout the day (and also to schedule your workouts). We suggest setting a timer every hour to remind you to get up and move or stretch.

Maintain good posture

It’s easy to fall into a work slump, quite literally, especially when you don’t have the proper office equipment. Save your back with a posture corrector that you can wear while you work.

Let us know in the comments what are your favorite life-hacks!

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